Nothing enters the Steinway manufacturing plant in Astoria, Queens, looking anything like a piano. The wood, for instance, is simply amble, before it is formed into the edge of the instrument. Amassing the pianos takes months, with a considerable measure of holding up between steps so that the wood can be adapted legitimately. Close to the end of the methodology, every piano is wheeled into the ''beating room,'' where 88 elastic fingers play the instrument for quite a long time, softening up the piano and uncovering any issues or shortcomings. In the wake of being tuned a few times, every piano has a last investigation. The last hands that touch each piano fit in with Wally Boot, who has worked at the manufacturing plant for just about 50 years and checks each key to guarantee an even tone. Anthony Gilroy, a Steinway representative, says, ''There are still a few things that are better done by hand.''

Pianos created for every year at the Queens industrial facility: 1,500

Parts in every amazing piano: 12,000

Laborers at the manufacturing plant who make pianos: 300

Number of those laborers who play piano: less than 75